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Since we've launched Version 5 we got some very good feedback, but sometimes also a few bug notifications..
Only one way to handle those, fix them and improve!
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While we're at it, let's also list some upcoming features!
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We're thrilled to announce Update #5!
This time we didn't only add new features, but also improved our security & performance for a better payment experience for you and your customers.
Some import updates:
📱New Layout
We've reworked the layout to be more user friendly and more appealing to the eye. We've also enhanced the responsiveness of the pages and their corresponding page speed.
💳Additional fee and setup fee
For subscriptions you now can add a one-time setup fee which enables you to charge customers for the start of their subscription. Additional fee is for any fee you want to split from the normal payment, this comes in especially useful for personal page payments. (Eg. Deposit, starting hours, buy-ins)
You can link products or personal pages now in a special iframe format.
For example:
In an iframe link it would be:
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📃The complete changelog
We think you would want to know all changes, so here they are!